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BSA Troop 236 Eagle Scout Hall of Fame
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The award is a performance-based achievement whose standards have been well-maintained over the years. Not every boy who joins a Boy Scout troop earns the Eagle Scout rank; only about 4 percent of all Boy Scouts do so. This represents more than 1 million Boy Scouts who have earned the rank since 1911. Nevertheless, the goals of Scouting--Participating Citizenship, Moral Stength and Character, and Physical, Mental and Emotional Fitness - remain important for all Scouts, whether or not they attain the Eagle Scout rank.

This page congratulates and honors the Scouts from Troop 236 that have earned the Eagle Rank.

Name Board of Review City, State Name Board of Review City, State
David Evans 09/23/1977 Harrison City, Pa Joseph Butcher 02/06/1980 Harrison City, Pa
Gene Battistella 09/14/1981 Harrison City, Pa Michael Forringer 09/24/1981 Jeannette, Pa
Gregory Taylor 09/26/1981 Jeannette, Pa Scott Shaw 06/19/1982 Harrison City, Pa
Edward Falta 08/13/1982 Harrison City, Pa Aaron Forringer 03/09/1983 Jeannette, Pa
Edward Iarouere 03/09/1983 Harrison City, Pa Kevin Forringer 10/21/1984 Jeannette, Pa
Ernest Giancola 10/21/1984 Harrison City, Pa Kevin Varrato 10/21/1984 Harrison City, Pa
Kenneth Falta 09/18/1985 Harrison City, Pa Michael McCauley 09/10/1986 Harrison City, Pa
Michael Giancola 10/15/1986 Harrison City, Pa James Fennel 10/11/1989 Jeannette, Pa
Brian Surmacz 10/11/1989 Irwin, Pa Michael Zalno 02/15/1990 Jeannette, Pa
Stephen Komazec 04/11/1990 Irwin, Pa Joel Pavuk 05/04/1990 Jeannette, Pa
John Fennel 06/05/1990 Jeannette, Pa Daniel Frank 10/10/1990 Jeannette, Pa
Thomas Crock III 10/10/1990 Delmont, Pa Michael Sawayda 10/10/1990 Irwin, Pa
Michael Willby 01/09/1991 Irwin, Pa Timothy Drop 06/14/1991 Irwin, Pa
Scott Polk 12/11/1991 Irwin, Pa Kenneth Zubaty 12/11/1991 Irwin, Pa
Robert Dew 03/19/1992 Jeannette, Pa Ryan Hall 11/08/1993 Manor, Pa
Michael D'ascenzo 11/08/1993 Harrison City, Pa William Widmann 12/08/1993 Monroeville, Pa
Jeffrey Polk 02/09/1994 Irwin, Pa Kraig Josephic 08/24/1994 Irwin, Pa
William Bowan 08/24/1994 Irwin, Pa Brian Lysell 02/16/1995 Harrison City, Pa
Keith Marshall 10/03/1995 Jeannette, Pa Dan Lienemann 12/04/1995 Irwin, Pa
Jason Vonsik 04/29/1996 Harrison City, Pa Matthew Graham 06/23/1996 Irwin, Pa
David Vesely 06/04/1997 Irwin, Pa William Sekely 06/14/1998 Irwin, Pa
Aaron Hobaugh 02/15/2000 Irwin, Pa Brian Nicholas 07/22/2000 Irwin, Pa
Richard Antin 01/23/2001 Irwin, Pa Eric Lindgren 06/18/2001 Irwin, Pa
Matthew Close 06/25/2001 Harrison City, Pa Christopher Eisensmith 06/27/2001 Export, Pa
Steven Casey 07/03/2001 Irwin, Pa Patrick Scott 08/11/2003 Irwin, Pa
Glenn Ruff 05/17/2004 Jeannette, Pa J. Blase Baker 01/04/2005 Irwin, Pa
Craig Anderton 02/08/2005 Jeannette, Pa Shane Anderton 02/08/2005 Jeannette, Pa
Nick Eisensmith 09/27/2005 Export, Pa Brandon Christ 12/27/2005 Irwin, Pa
Adam Somogyi 03/14/2006 Irwin, Pa Nicholas Drake 04/11/2006 Export, Pa
Joshua Thompson 08/13/2006 Jeannette, Pa Michael Kolonay 03/29/2007 Irwin, Pa
Sean Kolonay 05/07/2007 Irwin, Pa Michael Scarano 01/30/2008 Murrysville, Pa
Chris Lukas 05/21/2008 Irwin, Pa Bret Gourdie 09/10/2009 Harrison City, Pa
Dillon Monier 10/15/2009 Irwin, Pa Bryan Bell 09/20/2010 Irwin, Pa
Daniel Kolonay 05/22/2012 Irwin, Pa Andrew Loughner 09/19/2012 Irwin, Pa
Grant Smith 04/17/2013 Irwin, Pa Patrick Hough 06/25/2013 Jeannette, Pa
Julian Mularski 04/27/2015 Jeannette, Pa Jesse Mularski 04/29/2015 Jeannette, Pa
Spencer Shaffer 07/06/2015 Westmoreland City, Pa Gerald Sager 07/30/2015 Irwin, Pa
Jack Eizenhafer 02/29/2016 Irwin, Pa Daniel Young 05/09/2016 Harrison City, Pa
Chris Van Bibber 06/06/2016 Irwin, Pa Charles Boone 06/08/2016 Pittsburgh, Pa
Alexander Lipinski 06/27/2016 Irwin, Pa Jarett Lazar 12/28/2016 Irwin, Pa

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