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How to Tie Knots

Animated Knots by Grog

All about knots: This website pages contain descriptions and animations on tying some of the most common knots, including: bowline knots, half hitch knot, overhand knot, hitch knot and many more!

All the knots listed here are almost neccessary for each scout even they they are not all required for gaining ranks.

Knots are intertwined loops of rope, cord, string or other flexible material, used to fasten two suchropes to one another or to another object.

Knots, Bends, Hitches and Splices are all ways of fastening cords or ropes, either to some other object such as a spar, or a ring, or to one another. The knot is formed to make a knob on a rope, generally at the extremity, and by untwisting the strands at the end and weaving them together. But it may be made by turning the rope on itself through a loop, as for instance, the overhand knot.

A bend and a hitch are ways of fastening or tying ropes together, as in the Carrick bend or round spars as the Studding Sail Halyard Bend and the Timber Hitch.

A splice is made by untwisting two rope ends and weaving them together.

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